Wednesday, December 28, 2011

LVF and Company - Expect more posts soon!

I apologies everyone for my lack of updating! The holidays created a bunch of chaos for me in terms of work and me getting ill. But on the bright side, in a few hours I'll be getting one of the best Christmas treats of all - getting to see my frilly friend from CA who will be staying with me for a week! As a result, expect some more videos and posts in a more personal sense with her visit coming soon.

Curious, what did everyone get for their respective holidays this year? I didn't get too much in the world of frills this year, but I did get some adorable Doc Martin Polka Dot boots in Black and my other favorite present being My So Called Life The Complete Series! Did you guys get what you wanted for the holidays? Leave it down on the comment section below!

I hope everyone's holiday was lovely and that you have some epic New Years Eve plans! I'll be celebrating a day early at this year's Dances of Vice celebration called Moonlight Circus! With the theme being circuses, I decided to dress as the Show Pony girl. Have big feathers in my hair, pink tutu vibe and possibly harlequin tights or something of a fun pattern to my liking. What are your plans for New Years? So curious to know!


  1. My plans for New Years are the same as every year... me and my friend are going to sit at home, drink tea, and watch movies. It always ends up being a lot of fun, but sometimes I still wish I had a party to go to or something (even though I don't really do well with parties...).
    I got some pretty great books for the holidays. I got one of the fancy hardcover books from Barnes and Noble, the Jane Austen one. I also got this great sewing encyclopedia. And some clothes.
    Those boots you mentioned sound awesome! Enjoy the circus party!

  2. I love Dances of Vice! I have only been once but it was amazing! I hope you enjoy yourself! Take photos if you can :3

    And I think everyone has gone on a mini hiatus with the holidays xD

    As for me, I posted all of what I got in my blog. Be sure to check it out :3

    ~ Kieli ~