Thursday, December 1, 2011

LVF's Ideas For Gifts!

Yes, it's December 1st. Can you guess what that means? Officially it's only a few short weeks till the biggest Holiday of the year. Though you might have already finished your christmas shopping way in advance like myself, there might be the rest of you (seriously, its ok if you haven't. I just work at a mall) and are looking for the perfect gift for that frilly person in your life or need to suggest a gift for yourself - here's some ideas.

1. New Scents!

All right, I'm going to do sort of a shameless plug. As some of you may know I work at Bath and Body Works at my local mall, and as a sales associate I'm asked to talk up our new scents. Though sometimes I disagree with these ideas, our new scent really is amazing and I'm seriously a big fan! It's called Be Enchanted and is a mixture of Pomegranates and Sugar Leaves. It comes in the usual styles (Lotion, Shower Gel and Splash) along with others. Other scents to check out are Strawberry Sparkler, Secret Wonderland, Winter Candy Apple and Paris Amour! Trust me, you can never go wrong with smelling good for the holidays.

2. I Am Chubby Bunny
It's pretty true that when it comes to Lolita Fashion, you can never go wrong with a bow. Bows are essential, beautiful and make an outfit truly complete. So why not combine that with your frilly ladies favorite things? If so, check out! This brand is all about bows, accessories and is even going forward into apparel for the Spank! fan in everyone. You may know Chubby Bunny from their famous Hello Kitty bows and their various events that they make special bows for. If you are really looking for the perfect gift for the bow lover in your life, Chubby Bunny can do no wrong.

3. Locketship

So you know that you wanna get her a special piece of jewelry, but nothing at the normal places in the mall are doing it. She has all the Tarina Tarantino and Betsey Johnson collections from every season, but you don't want to just slim down to a gift card at Macy's. Look no further then Locketship, an amazing brand that features some of the most beautiful and colorful of designs out there. Though a bit pricy, some of these pieces truly are worth it. I'm especially obsessed with the Sparkling Sea collection and the Unicorn one as well. Basically these pieces are amazing and I'm obsessed - so I'm sure your girl will be too.

4. Etsy Shops

As mentioned, the two options above are pretty pricy. So what do you do to get a truly unique gift for someone that has it all without blowing all your savings and that down payment on the new Angelic Pretty reserve? Check out the various amazing handmade stuff on Etsy! Here are a few of my current favorite stores to check out. First, for the mermaid fan in us all check out Siren's Grotto by internet darling Traci Hines. She makes tons of amazing accessories to fit your favorite mermaids color and tase along with things for the fellow cosplayers out there, and if there is any mermaid you can trust it's Traci for sure! Also check out Alice Doll (adorable and beautifully made ice cream rings, brooches and more!), Icing Sugar (Beautiful brooches and clothes) and The Pink Life (Mega 80's accessories)! Hopefully something can catch your eye there!

5. Classic Christmas Movies

It wouldn't be a La Vida Frill's Christmas without bringing up the world of film, of course! So if interested soon a post about my top 5 Best Rankin and Bass Christmas Specials will be up and I recommend going for one of those. Also there are a slew of old reviews/recommendations from past Christmas's I've made on here, including my all time favorite The Polar Bear King. Be sure to look for more Christmas themed movie ideas in the next week or so.

So, Boyfriends and Lolita Friends, has this helped you? Or fellow frillies, got something new on the list? Hope so! But there is one more thing I forgot to mention: The Winner of Our Mini-Contest! Drum roll please....

The winner is - Kieli_Heart who writes:
"I think my Lolita Fashion Icon are the people I meet here on their blogs. No one is a master at it but everyone has their own ideas and opinions and are all wonderful people that can create so many beautiful things. Each post is something to look forward to and I feel this is how inspiration is shared. And it only takes one person's idea to start something big. And I love to create things so being a part of the process drives me to create more and hopefully become one of these icons =)"

These words were lovely and treasured! So Kieli_Heart - you won something awesome. To reclaim your prize please comment below and we shall exchange emails. If you didn't win this time, don't sweat it! There's another contest coming soon... cause shocking as it is.... LVF is going to be 2 years old very very soon!

Also in other news, the new episode of Drawn to Fail is up for viewing! Enjoy!

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  1. AWESOME suggestions!

    i love Chubby Bunny and etsy shops are such great alternatives to the big name brands!!