Sunday, October 23, 2011

Just Some News: New Web Review Series "Drawn to Fail"

So I've finally started working on my dream project! A video review series that is all about the fail of a good portion of Animated films. I thought you frillies would be interested in checking it out as the first episode is all about the rip off Snow White sequel "Happily Ever After"! I will admit that the first episode isn't perfect but if this show becomes more successful, this could be the place for me to start posting over reviews including Lolita Fashion Movie reviews!

Write down what you think in the comments below and please if you do, like it on the video page via Facebook. The more views this video gets the more likely I can produce better content for the channel along with La Vida Frills and my many other projects!

Hope you rufflebutts like it and if you are dying to see a certain bad animated film or music video get ripped a part, let me know as well!


  1. Oh my God, that was fantastic! It was so funny and I totally understand what you mean with all the things you show, even though I've never seen this film before! Loved. It.

  2. Thanks Rosalynn! Glad you checked out the video and liked it so much :D

  3. Dalin?
    IRA - come on- be proud.
    Tell it like it is.
    Scream STAN PAWLOSKI and RUTH!
    And do it with GUSTO!
    PHYTO does.
    So does JOHN COLES.
    Come on.
    For the "Irish" in you.
    One thing I don't understand.
    BUTTESS means IRISH?