Saturday, August 13, 2011

LVF Loves: DIY Jewelry - Taking The Old and Making It New Disney Style!

Sure sure, so many people know what DIY is and "Do It Themselves" anyway, so why does this post even matter? Well with my recent discovering mynostalgic objects and the upcoming D23 Expo approaching more quicker then ever, I thought this post would be tiny yet fun and a bit of a change from the usual.

Since My mom has been on a kick of finding things that'll keep her innocent image of me alive, she seemed to find a collection of treasures of my Disney loving back in the 90's and seems to have been reawakened just in time for D23! But what treasures are these exactly?
Do you remember being so into the Disney Princesses as a kid that you'd want to dress up as them? Maybe this was the beginning stages of me wanting to become sort of a "frilly girl" stylin' lady as I am now but I was definitely into the Princess Dress Up sort of play and these toy sets were my life. Luckily, the thing that my mom happened to find was a variety of these items all in a small box. Somewhere yucky, some were a bit too damaged, but many were just right and have now become newly made pieces that'll be coming with me in some form to D23!

This piece came from a Cinderella playset probably around 93 or 94. It's a lovely baby blue plastic locket with a bow decoration at the top and a picture of Cinderella inside. I'm pretty sure there might have been a picture of Prince Charming as well, but seeing as he wasn't a favorite of mine I probably ripped him out hoping for a Prince with more personality (Look, even then I was specific with men!) I've already put a cute gold ball dot chain to it, bringing out the lovely yellows of Cindy's hair! It just happens to go lovely with my Twinkle Princess JSK!

This piece is probably my favorite I found! This little castle comes from an Ariel Playset from 1998 - around the time of the Little Mermaid re-release to theaters. It came as a series of items in which you could change the trinkets on the necklaces and bracelets within the set. Maybe it's just my fascination with pink and blue together, but this piece was always my favorite - probably also cause if has a working door! It also happens to go perfectly with Jelly Jewelry!
So what about you? Have you found anything nostalgic lately and made it into something part of your everyday where or just found something cool? Tell me about it, I'd love to hear!

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  1. Oh I luv it! I do similar things with Mystery Box toys. I just luv them so much, but I didn't know what to do with them, attaching them to jewelry just seemed like a good idea.