Thursday, July 21, 2011

Iconic Love Letter: Prince

It's hard to sometimes find a musical idol in America that fulfills all our needs for multitudes of beauty in both physical style and music talent. The majority of the time I'm pulling my hair out from the fact that most artists cater to only the publics pleasures and not that of actual artists or people with slightly different interests, and then there are few artists that cater to both. Some of these include other LVF favorites like David Bowie and Michael Jackson, but today we're going to pay tribute to the frilliest of these male artists: Prince.

Prince is by far the closest America will ever get to an Lolita appropriate male artist. Yes as the prior mentioned can fit into this category too, I think Prince fits the bill more then others, especially with his ever infamous and fabulous album/movie Purple Rain, Prince sort of set himself apart from everyone else after its release. It's all about the glamour and the destruction that the rock music world can have on a star, but we don't care cause Prince looks just oh so pretty in it the whole time.

The best part of Prince though is the music and his appearance in promotional music videos. Dear lord does this man have charm in every which way. The most obvious of his charms are shown in the video for "When Doves Cry", where Prince climbs slowly out of a bath tube and into the leaping hearts of many a fangirl (like me... possibly!) With the combination of fedora hats with veils, lace gloves and ridiculous pastel shades - this video truly has it all (Did we mention legit doves?) If you can't find some sort of inspiration for fashion in this then that is just depressing.

Also "Purple Rain" just happens to be one of those love ballads that sticks with me forever, probably because of the ridiculously good guitar coming from it - haunting and yet so beautiful. Though not to single all the other songs out, each Prince tune has its own special place in my heart and should have a place in your heart as well.Did we mention with all this coolness that the man is a shy bit over the big 5-0 and still looks like he's in his 20s (Maybe he took a magic potion and possibly a vampire - I've always been curious).

Overall there truly just isn't anything that could keep you in some way from loving this purple prince of power and grace. He's got it all and has the coolest guitar on the planet. Whether Prince or just a symbol, the man is simply an icon and should be remembered for all this fabulousness (even with his not as fabulous ideas of recent year!) So wanna give a try at looking like his majesty? Look at the outfit down below!

This outfit is as Purple Rain as it gets. I chose one of the traditional JSKs from Alice and the Pirates, along with an Angelic Pretty jacket for a nice feminine look of bows and more frills. The hair should be curly and feature some of the dove shaped hair clips shown along with a nice sparkly bow for a flashy touch! Finally finish it off with some purple lace tights (maybe over the top of some bold colored tights for a more modest appeal) and some epic Doc Martins for a rock'n roll edge!

Basically, you can never go wrong with Prince. So come on and Go Crazy with a bit of his own personal flare in your own lolita style!

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  1. I thought I was the only one obsessed with Prince. He is my love. I want to dance to 95% of his songs at my wedding. AHHHH! <3<3

    More reasons why we need to hang out more. XD