Sunday, January 9, 2011

5 Frills Related Party Things - Move Over Alice!

Here at LVF, we really like to please the viewers, because without you this blog really wouldn't be possible. So because of that, this post is actually inspired by a recent viewer request! On my most recent post, I was asked about specific party themes in general. I've dealt with this sort of brain storm a lot, but not as much when it comes to specific frilly related themes. So, that is the focus of this post.

But it's important to note that most of the time I see one theme always pop up: Alice in Wonderland Tea Party. As I believe you all know, I'm not one to continue on cliches in frilly land, especially Alice! (You can read my article on Alice here) So this post will have no Alice related party themes at all, and apologies if you were in hopes of it. Trust me, if you're looking for such it's easy to find everywhere else.

Now, on with the ideas!

1) Marie Antoinette Theme
Cake: Vanilla (Dyed in Pink) Cake with Velvet Almond Buttercream Frosting (Dyed in Mint).

Granted, next to Alice, Marie Antoinette is probably just as cliche, but yet she's something that is just usual in the realm of Fashion in general, so you can't completely go wrong. But yet, what is the best part of this theme? Extreme decor. Pick colors like creams and pinks to use for ribbons and balloons, with hints of mint! Make all the tables covered in pictures from the Rococo period, along with tiny lace clothes for all the tables at your location! As activities, you can play a version of Pin The Tail on the Donkey, but instead Feed Marie The Cake. Make a full size picture Marie, blind fold a guest and see if they can land the cake on her mouth! You can also have a headdress making craft, where you design feather style hair clips (check out this DIY page for inspiration). You could also bake a selection of French treats, like these French Lace Cookies or these creations from Alice's Tea Cup! To go with your snacks, make a DIY Tea Station, full with all your favorite kinds of tea. Remember, Jasmine was one of Marie's favorites! Finally, as you enjoy your royal day to your hearts content, play a super cute card game! The winners of the game win a lovely selection of pearls!
2) Fairy Tale Adventure Theme
Red Velvet Cake

Rather then choosing just one Fairy Tale, I decided to go with all of them. Go with classics like Little Red Riding Hood (See why you need Red Velvet Cake in this, right?), Thumbelina an
d Cinderella, just to name a few! Decorate your house in fairy dolls and glitter. Cover the tables and walls with bottles of treasures, candies shaped like crowns and crushed flowers. As far as activities, you could build a fairy house together with all the guests! Make all the guest come dressed as their favorite fairy tale characters, and take pictures that can later be made into a fun scrap book. You could also plant a collection of lost items around the house, a treasure hunt is always the best! As a snack, make these adorable treats that are considered part of a Southern Fairy Tale! Finally, you can have a marathon of your favorite fairy tale films! Chose some of the classic Disney flare, or maybe some Fairy Tale Theater from the 80's (Yes, it's on Netflix!)
3) Peter Pan Neverland Theme
Banana Cake
One of my favorite childhood stories of all time, have an incredible time with this Pirate lolita special theme! Make sure everything is covered in maps and buried treasure treats! Make skull shaped cookie
s, such as these from Pillsbury. Make jar necklaces with glitter for all the guests to wear. My favorite activity is to decorate your own Pirate hat and or Eye Patch, like here! Get tons of feathers, bows and glitter to make it your own unique spin on frilly and pirate style. Make sure everyone wears some form of plaid, and when they enter the house have them walk the plank to get inside. Finally, when you decorate the cake, remember to put a little Peter Pan figure on top, such as this adorable one here! Don't forget the best part of this, you can watch your favorite version to end the party! My favorite is Hook, but the 2003 version is adorable as well as with of course the Disney classic.

4) Everything Cute Theme
Cupcakes instead!
Do you have a favorite Sanrio of San-X character? Well have a party inspired by them! My personal favorite is Rilakkuma and Sentimental Circus, along with Little Twin Stars and Tuxedo Sam! Go on ebay and get as many different kinds of invitations, tiny toys and more to give out for your party. Then, make everyone come to the party in a coordinate based on their favorite, or at least Hello Kitty (Isn't that everyone's favorite?) Then as for fun, you can make cupcakes based on the characters. Get tons of different icings, color dyes and sprinkles to have as much fun as possible. You can also have a DIY area for all different kinds of sweet drinks based on the characters too! You can make a Hello Kitty drink with Cherry flavored Pepsi, or make a Chococat Hot Chocolate drinks. To end the day, select to watch some episodes from the Hello Kitty TV Series from the 80's/90's. My favorite episode is The Sleeping Princess, which can be viewed here.

So, did any of those ideas spark your imagination!? To check out cool cake recipes and ideas, check out the websites of bakeries like Magnolia's and Billy's! If you need more party ideas, check out tumblr and the many neat pictures for inspiration it offers! I'm sure you'll be able to find something fun for your own theme!


  1. I like the Fairy Tale adventure theme best! But I am seriously biased towards loving them just because of the topic. I've always wanted to have an enchanted forest-themed party, sort of as a late-night picnic out in the woods, and that kind of plays into a similar theme.

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