Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iconic Love Letter: Tarina Tarantino

I always like to try something new, and with that I give you a new series of posts called Iconic Love Letter! Each post will center around someone that I consider to be a style icon. Whether it be a designer, model or even a normal lolita girl - someone always inspires me and I want to share that inspiration with you! So, who is the center of attention when it comes to our first post? Well I wanted to share some light on someone that inspires and ends up in every single one of my outfits, Tarina Tarantino!
If you haven't heard of Tarina, well let me sing her praises! Mrs.Tarantino is a alternative jewelry designer from California. Obsessed with pink, Hello Kitty, Barbie and everything else girly - Tarina takes her own spin on classic icons that we all love and makes them into funky wearable jewelry and pieces that are handmade and cherished the world over. With her own beautiful pink hair, Tarina is herself an icon of both fashion and the proper way of upholding a business. To me though, there's many things about Tarina, aside from being my go to style girl, that I adore about her.
First of all, she has no holds about being herself in every way possible. Tarina isn't considered the skinny model girl that everyone dreams of being and especially in an industry that strives for that, she just let's it roll of her shoulder and stays her fabulous healthy self. As someone that isn't super small and can't fit into every single piece of the latest fashions, and tall as well, Tarina solves all those problems and gives me inspiration to dress for my body type and make it even more incredible then someone else 50 pounds lighter then me. Tarina also is probably the reason why I'm a lolita (gasp). Tarina embraces Japanese Pop Culture and brings it to the public in a perfect and lovely way, something that Gwen Stefani didn't catch on to as easily. She even has a Lolita collection, including Hello Kitty dressed in head to toe Gothic and Sweet Lolita!
Did I mention my favorite thing about Tarina? Well she happens to be good friends with two of my other favorite style icons, Maki and Asuka of Angelic Pretty. Maybe one day they'll do a collection together (one can only dream!). Me and Tarina even own the same dress (as shown above), Dreaming Macaroon in Black (OP style), which is one of my favorite dresses in my closet! Another cool thing about Tarina? She also has her own exclusive Barbie Doll (dressed in a combination to tie for of Pink and Mint!) and has her own recently released make up line at Sephora! My favorite items from the make up line are the Lip Gloss in Disco Nap and the Primer, which is to die for. Now, do you love Tarina or what? If you do and are curious how to embrace some Tarina into your style, here is a little coordinate I came up with inspired by this pink haired goddess!First, I chose my favorite dress as mentioned before! Then go and get as much Tarina jewelry as possible. My favorite collection is her heart shaped items, which all go together in some odd fashion. Then go with all of her make up you can get in the brightest and pink girly shades. Then add unique little unique punk like touches, like these adorable strawberry colored boots from Doc Martens, and add whatever you can find in terms of shoe clips. I chose these pink heart clips, but pink bows will work too. My other little touches I chose were these black and white polka dot tights, and this pink and blonde mixture wig from my friend MintyMix.com. Finally, get your own Tarina Tarantino Tiara or any sort of crown you can to add some final sparkle! This is just my idea of perfecting the fabulous of Tarina, but you can do it whichever way you feel best!
So to make a final note, Tarina is an absolutely fabulous pink fairy of a lady. As you can tell she really is an inspiration to me, and when I met her (yes, that's me in not my most fashionable moment.) it was a grand moment to see someone I admired as a woman in person and tell her of the things she's done for me to make me feel beautiful as myself. So go forth, find your inner sparkle and see what you can do to add some Tarina to your wardrobe or style! I'm sure it'll put the biggest smile on your face when you do.

To get more from Tarina, check out her website here. If you're interested in her Sephora collection, go here. I also recommend her blog, Sparkle Factory. Got someone you'd be interested in seeing an Iconic Love Letter to? Comment below!


  1. My mom sees Tarina around the La Fashion District all the time! Each time she calls to tell me first things and go, "Guess what!"
    And here I am stuck in Portland going, "awwwww".
    I love her jewelry and hair accessories too, but I'm not as fond of the makeup.

  2. This was really sweet, I love her too. I adore her make-up, the primer, eye primer, and translucent powder are essentials for my everyday make-up.
    And her jewelry! Don't even get me started <3

  3. You had me sold on her magenta pink hair. I have a serious hidden addiction to anything magenta that comes out once in awhile.

    Definitely want to see more of this!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to your fashion icon, I'm so excited to visit her sites now