Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dress Up Time #2: Princess Odette from The Swan Princess

Keeping up with a sort of Princess theme this month, I've chosen Odette from The Swan Princess (1994) as the next subject. Though most Princess type characters seem to be fallen flowers in terms of courage, Odette stands among others as the opposite. Yet she might become doubtful at times, she never loses her sense of right and wrong. She stands by the idea of "No Fear" and sometimes shows off her whit, more than most of her male counterparts. But what is amazing about Odette is her ability to not be taken for granted. When she finally falls in love with Prince Derek, but she asks of him what he likes about her. He only replies of that of her looks, but she just won't take it. Most female characters in fairy tales don't even go about with that question, which makes Odette different from the others and a great heroine to look up to.

But what about looking the part of this powerful royal? First off, Odette's main color palette is white with hints of mint (or turquoise, however you take it.)Sadly, not many brands feature pieces with such colors, so instead I took separates and put them together. Chose any sort of bolero or cardigan that features a "princess sleeve" style to it, in either mint or white (basically, whatever the opposite color of your JSK or OP is.) It's best to select a main dress piece that is a bit longer. Though I picked one that is more on the normal lolita length, a longer piece is preferable (only to match the length of Odette's actual piece.)

The center piece of the entire outfit needs to be any sort of gold heart pendent jewelry. I picked mine from Forever 21 (who always comes out with great heart shaped pieces for reasonable prices.) This is an important keepsake to Odette, as Prince Derek gave it to her as a baby. It's the symbol of their relationship and is important to make the outfit sparkle. You'll get bonus points if you find a piece with a Swan decorated on it.

In terms of hair, Odette actually doesn't wear any sort of headdress (except in the final scene of her marriage.) So go with a tiny crown or Swan hair charm, preferably in gold to match the necklace. Shoes and tights also go into a much more simple setting, so cream/white is preferred as an undertone.

But one slight, cute thing to remember is Odette's nails. In most animated movies, hands and nails aren't featured in the frames because of their difficulty to be drawn. But in The Swan Princess, it seems Odette's nails are almost a character within themselves. So remember to always have your nails painted in a deep red, to give it the final touch!

So now that you know how to embrace your inner Swan Princess, go forth and make your own fabulous coordinates, and fly!

Hope you enjoyed this one ~ Please give out some ideas in the comments, especially if you have a character you wish to see in the series.


  1. Adorable again! I love that you're choosing under-appreciated princesses instead of the Disney ones. Odette has always been one of my favorites!

  2. I've always liked Odette as well, and recently I've become interested in swans as part of one's 'look' even aside from a particular character like the Swan Princess. So it's nice to see this. ^^

  3. :O I remember this movie! Oh my god! No one I know has watched it so I thought I was going crazy! Oh, such a good movie.

  4. This is still one of my most favorite non-disney animated movies <3