Friday, July 9, 2010

Dress Up Time #1: Princess Irene from Princess and the Goblin (1992)

So for the past months, I've been doing the sort of posts that would require you to sit on your ruffle-butt all day and do nothing but watch some movies. But wait!? What about expressing your love and interest of your favorite frilly (or non- frilly) characters through your own wardrobe? Then came about the idea of a new post series called, appropriately so, Dress Up Time! This was always a favorite activity of mine when I was little, to go about watching a movie and coming up with outfits my favorite character would wear within it.

So how does it work? Each week, a new character from a film with some frilly touches will be chosen and a coordinate relating to that character will be posted. Each post will include details on how you can achieve a similar look yourself (even without the specific items).

But who will be the first to be featured of this series? Well, if you have seen the new header, you might notice a little pink girl in the left hand side. That girl is non-other than Princess Irene from The Princess and the Goblin (1992).

Princess Irene isn't a very well known character among those of the modern fairy tale lovers. Though everyone knows of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, Irene is a royal lady of grace, who only happens to be of a mere tween age. What I appreciate of her character is that of her good nature soul, but the obvious features of someone that is in many ways still learning of everything in life. But she definitely knows how to take charge in times of trouble, even if she is frightened. Fighting Goblin royalty can be tough, and looking pretty while doing it is a hard task too for any princess.

So what should you wear to capture the elegance of this princess? Here is a little coordinate idea I came up! Most of the items are from Baby The Stars Shine Bright or off-brand.

The first thing to remember with Irene is that she mostly wears different shades of pink, sometimes royal blue or cream with gold trim. Though pink is not such a hard task for any sweet lolita fan out there, the trick with Irene is to keep it elegant and toned down. Hence why I chose a slightly more tame piece such as Pocket Embroidery by Baby, with a slightly high-necked princess sleeve blouse from the brand as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is the jewel headdress that Irene wears is very essential. Small pendents of any kind are very important to her highness, so always have a bit of shine to your outfit. You could have a pearl headband, a jewel encrusted headbow or even make a jewel headdress like Irene yourself! I though happen to love the bow from Baby, which is decorated in pearls and lace all over in the most delicious of ways!

Comfortable understated ballet flats or kitten heels are best for Irene to stomp on the feet of the Goblins! I chose a pair from Baby that seemed like the most fancy of shoes Irene would wear, but even the most simple shoes from Urban Outfitters would do as well.

The key words to keep in mind are regal and active! That way you can save the kingdom from the royal monsters and still look your magnificent best.

Overall, Irene is a great fashion idol to look too when needing something to make you adventurous. If you are interested in checking out The Princess and the Goblin, here is a trailer which should have some online video viewing options with it. It is also available on DVD on Amazon and other online shops!

Hope you like the new series. Let me know if there are any characters your interested in seeing in future posts.


  1. Love this! It's such a cute idea, and you know I approve of your first subject! ;)

  2. I've always loved this movie (as well as the book), so I'm glad you chose Irene first! You know, as a goth loli who loves the mystic and otherworldly, I'd be interested in seeing a coordinate based on Grandmother Irene too... Just a thought tho. ^^

  3. OH ! I was thinking that for a future post ~ I'll keep that in mind :)
    Thanks for the lovely comments though

  4. Great idea! When I watch movies like this I'm always thinking about wearing the dresses which the princesses wear in the movie (what I haven't done yet xD). But they are also a good inspiration for Lolita outfits, like you said.

  5. Omg this looks like such an adorable movie! I must see it <3 The coordinate is adorable!

    I also love this concept, dressing up inspired by movie characters *_* I'll be awaiting some beautiful classical ones (like one based on the 1940's Beauty and the Beast? ;D)

  6. Princess Irene! <3 I always get so excited to hear that someone else has heard of the movie/book, so many people are unfamiliar with the story, and that saddens me, George Macdonald was such a wonderful author. Perhaps it will take Disney making a live-action version of the story for people to pay attention to it, oh I wish...

    And while sweet lolita is not for me, I still adore this coordination idea, and the concept for this series of yours, Dress Up Time. Playing dress-up was my favorite thing to do as a child. Who am I kidding, I still love to dress up! What lolita doesn't? ^v^