Monday, March 5, 2012

LVF's March Updates!

Hello my favorite frillies! March just flew on by, didn't it? I've been busy moving myself to my new home, but slowly I'm getting all this stuff ready for our new home. In the meantime though, March is going to be another busy and awesome month for me. Yesterday I went to a lovely tea party with some of the local girls from NYC to Cha-An Tea House and had a blast! A separate group of us went to shop/look around and then head dinner at on of my favorite places, Bourbon Street Grill.

For the rest of the month I got myself really busy with tons of fun and frilly things, as mentioned in my update post last month. This weekend will be a meet up to see my favorite Sci-Fi novel, John Carter (of Mars) come to the big screen, with a visit to the Museum of Natural History to add some spice to it!

The best part of this month comes the next weekend! First, I'll be getting a visit day with my beautiful friend from Chicago, Ellejay, and then I'll be seeing Newsies (the 1992 Disney musical movie) live on Broadway with my bestest frilly, Bianca. Seriously it's going to be the most epic frilly weekend ever.

There's even more excitement that's going on, but I have to pace myself to enjoy each thing. I'm hoping to be making videos of those events soon, but since my camera's been m.i.a (battery charger is lost sadly) I'll have to wait until it's found.

In terms of LVF, you might notice this months Coordinate of the Month and Video of the Month. The coordinate is one that has been going around tumblr that I just had to share. I love these two girls, they are just stunning and I'm hoping they are submitting this to the Twin contest going on right now cause they look amazing. The video of the month is of vlogger Peachie Princess, someone who I have become a huge fan of recently. Here she reviews a purchase from Kawaii Goods!

What are you guys doing in March? Anything exciting?

FUN ALERT: LVF has it's own video channel on Youtube! If you're interested in vlogs and video reviews, come check out our (slowly updating) channel here! And yes, there is content there RIGHT NOW!


  1. Ah that tea house sounds interesting! I'm going to go to the meetup this weekend too (won't be going to the movie though). See you there!

    1. I have to agree that March is really flying past. I've attended a Hightea beginning of March from my a good friends, and we were delighted with the company of two other friends^^
      Later on this month I'll be attending a cosplay meet (can be loads of fun btw) I dont cosplay myself but will be attending in lolita^^. Other than that I've been getting my garden ready for spring:) it's already full of daffodils and violets^^