Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dress Up Time #17: Rumpelstitskin from Once Upon A Time

It's become no secret if you follow my tumblr, that I've become a little bit of a fan of Rumpelstiltskin from ABC's Once Upon A Time. At first I wasn't very much taken with the series as a whole, but after finally seeing the recent Beauty and the Beast themed "Skin Deep" episode, I became incredibly hooked to the whole series but especially with Rumpelstiltskin/Mr.Gold's storyline. He's been developed from a once one note and annoying character, to one of such complexity that it's a bit un-human to grasp the diverse differences between the two as if he's almost an entirely new character.

Played by the very talented Robert Carlyle, Rumpel is that great 80's character mixture of incredibly creepy and incredibly attractive based on that. Similar to actors Gary Oldman and David Bowie, Carlyle seems to have mastered this technique and really gives a performance of the ages that I hope becomes recognized by many and hopefully an award. It's something I haven't seen on television in a long time, in addition to a really good fantasy series in general.

But I can't mention Rumpel without discussing the current thought on everyone's mind, The "Skin Deep" episode. Yes, as I've mentioned in the previous post I have a thing for various retellings of my favorite fairy tale. But by god this could be one of the best and most unique tellings I've seen. Though I had my doubts about de Ravin (Belle) based on interviews and etc, she really nailed her character and is stunning in both the conventional and non-conventional senses. Rumpel's story arch grew with this story, and the way that this romance (though short) was spread out was just beautiful in every way. Rumpel's range in emotion is fantastic. Also that cliffhanger (le sigh).

So with that, I decided we needed to have a different take on Dress Up Time, and with that I decided Rumpel was my next choice! Check out the coordinate below for some gold spinning fun.

Yes, most of this is Alice and the Pirates. But why not? To me, AatP is the most perfect fit for Rumpel's style. The dark fairy tale appeal of the brand just works, especially that coat that reminds me of the coat he wears here. I chose to go with a bold colored dress as opposed to a print, and this red colored jsk works perfectly with some of the red in his outfits. I also chose those floral tights, as to go with the theme of Roses and his relationship with Belle. The boots are just extremely Rumpel looking, along with the necklace which holds significance in the episode "Desperate Souls".

So, are you now interested in checking out the series or wanting to become a magical wizard like Rumpel over here? Then go and wear such a thing! Be sure to check out LVF for more Once Upon A Time themed posts in the future, as well as more Dress Up Times to come.

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  1. I AGREE WITH YOU SO HARD. I was enthralled with the show from the beginning, and right away, I was like, that dude, he's not all bad. That's the beautiful thing about all of these characters, even the most evil (Mayor/Queen) has a shred of good in her.

    Rumpel's story, though, breaks my heart!!! He has to find Belle again; he just has to! I loved de Ravin in Lost and was so happy to see her as Belle. (Lol, I really like the sound of her voice. I'm a creeeep.)

    I think your coordination is spot-on for a female Rumpel. I could almost see Snow wearing it in her "surviving off the land" days, haha.

    <3 <3 <3