Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dress Up Time #11: The Last Unicorn

Recently I was given a request by a friend to do a Dress Up Time article, specifically on a story with whom I hold very dearly to my heart, The Last Unicorn. Now overall, this entire franchise is pretty spectacular.The story is extremely engaging and have stood the test of time at this point. It tells the story of a unicorn who believes she is the only unicorn in the world left, and to see if she can find anymore of her kind she goes out on a quest. It turns from a "lone wolf" adventure, to a buddy trip and then a dramatic romance. Did I mention the original material was written in the 60's? It's just fantastic.

So what is the subject of this post then? We will be covering the complex two in one character deal of The Unicorn/Amalthea. This will be based more on the movie, since out of the two, that is what I am most familiar with (even if the book is my favorite book of all time.) All of the characters of story bring about a realism that most fantasy characters don't posses to me. Maybe it was due to the time that it was written, but The Last Unicorn is unique in its ability to connect with these creatures that exist elsewhere and only in our imaginations.

But what about our main character, The Unicorn/Amalthea? She's seems one dimensional at first, but becomes a complex layered innocent female creature. She is then later transformed into a human girl and learns the emotions of regret and love. When transformed into Amalthea, she is dressed in the most beautiful of lavender shades and falls for the prince of the castle (Played by my old man crush, Jeff Bridges). Overall, it's easy to be jealous of her style and her adventure minus the regret part - but we love this Unicorn no matter what! Now, how do I dress like this amazing characters? Here is a unique La Vida Frills take on how to bring some whimsy and Unicorn flare to your outfit!

The key thing to remember when bringing Amalthea into your outfit is that she is a creature born into nature, so your outfit should include a flower or woods like theme. I chose to base this outfit on her lavender color palette that shows up more as the movie progresses! I first chose as a dress piece Angelic Pretty's Sugar Pansy Baby-Doll JSK in Lavender. This is probably my favorite piece from the brand so far this year, and matches the world of the Unicorn so well. You can also go with a cream or super white colored JSK as well, though I find lavender to be more fun and magical!

Then you want to go out and find a lavender and white combo cardigan of some sort. This specific cardigan I've seen in several variations over the years, but was found on a UK website called Make sure it makes as closely to your dress color as possible.

Next comes the accessories. I found a bunch of Unicorn headbands and headdresses all over the net, but this specific one I found on etsy (link here) is beyond the prettiest. If you can't get a unicorn horn, I recommend making a crown of flowers instead that'd match your dress color. You can pair that with Unicorn shaped or decorated hair clips to continue with the theme. Also on Etsy I found a beautiful Unicorn cameo, which perfectly matched the dress (link here). The ring is from Locketship, who has an entire Unicorn collection (link here).

Don't forget to get an adorable purse to match! I chose one of the infamous silver heart purses from Forever 21 (inspired by Betsey Johnson's original design.) I recommend also going for a unicorn themed bag, one that looks vintage in maybe a cream tone if you aren't one for sparkle.

To finish the outfit off, pick up a pair of flower decorated shoes. These specific shoes come from my favorite guilty pleasure, Irregular Choice. Then chose an adorable yet simple pair of lavender colored tights. If you can't find the right shade, go for either a white color or a simple tiny flower pattern.

Now that you have your outfit, I recommend getting yourself a copy of the original novel by Peter S. Beagle (his fan site here) and go take yourself on a magical adventure through the woods as you read this enchanting story. When you're done on your quest, go make something yummy to eat and watch the movie as well! Either way, I'm sure you'll feel just as magnificent as a Unicorn. It's perfect for spring that is just in bloom!


  1. I love the last Unicorn! So many childhood memories.

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So cute!! Oh Amalthea...I love her so much as a character. I need to re-watch Last Unicorn some time soon. Movie night? hehe

    Have you met Peter Beagle the last few times he was at Otakon? When I got his autograph, he told me a very odd story about a woman named with my name who tried to seduce him in a barn XD

  4. Angela, indeed I met him and it was one of those moments that remains in my mind as one of legend. We randomly discussed Baltimore and all the beer that he had tried there - it was one of those moments that was so incredibly magical!