Monday, March 7, 2011

Dress Up Time #10: Red Riding Hood (2011)

Red Riding Hood, a new retelling of the classic fairy tale was released to theaters this past weekend. In honor of the new film, LVF gives you an new entry in our Dress Up Time Series! With the new version, the entire story and characters get a fresh look! Amanda Seyfried in my mind is the perfect actress for the role. With own set of "big eyes" and beautiful innocent complexion, she is the character with a yet more grown up look. But how to achieve the Grandmothers Cottage Visit appeal? Let's go deeper into the story of this blondie!

First, it's best to know as much about the original and central character, as well as this new version. The original story was that of a young girl who is asked to go on a trip to her grandmother's house. What was just a run of the mill walk in the woods turns into a deadly run for Red Riding-Hood's life as she's continuously chased and hunted by a "Big Bad" Wolf. In this new version, the story is made with a more hardcore thriller motif of using the element of real Werewolves. Did I mention it also has a dangerously cool priest played by Gary Oldman?! (yeah, I have an odd crush on him.)

But whats truly interesting about this story is how it has been taken into the world of fashion and especially lolita. From Baby's embroidered print from 2007 to Putumayo's gothic iconic image, Red Riding Hood has been used countless times and she never looks the same. Personally my favorite is the Baby print, mostly for the cute chibi-like designs of the characters all over the print and all of the items that came along with the series, my personal favorite being the cardigan.

But what exactly makes her so interesting? Well, I think we can all connect with having being sent out by our parents to go on a small journey or trip to do something that's much more grown up then we have ever done in our past. Sometimes the adventure goes well, while in this case for our heroine it doesn't exactly go as planned. We can account the "Big Bad Wolf" to many moments and people in our lives, from the bully at school that seems to ruin everything, to even a test that seems to get in the way of you passing a class. There is always something in the way of you getting to your goal, whether it be Grandmother's Cottage or otherwise.

But how exactly do you capture a modern Rori take on Red Riding Hood and incorporate it into your coordinate? Here's an idea!

First off, bit a very simple colored JSK. I chose a cream color, but even a very soft blue (which she wears in the movie) works very well. You want the Red Hood to stand out the most, so don't wear anything too complicated in terms of the dress. The hoodie to wear with the outfit of course is the most important. I chose Alice and the Pirates Red Knitted Style Hoodie, which is ridiculously comfortable and beautiful. Then, pick a basket in which you'll take to Grandmothers house. You can decorate it with tons of Wolf and Red Riding Hood themed brooches and pins. I found this Etsy shop to have a lot of cute ones. Then, chose a tame but beautiful rose or cream colored pair of tights. I chose a real rose patterned pair, but even soft bold colors would work. Chose a pair of comfortable almost slipper like boots, which are worn in the film. Top it off with a pretty Wolf themed necklace, which I found here. Then you're off to find that nasty ol' wolf!

So there you go, the lowdown on how to achieve the Red Riding Hood look! I also bet you're curious if the movie is any good? Sadly, it isn't great - but I found it ridiculously silly and had some attempts at some interesting plot twists. It's more a rental, but it does have some absolutely beautiful cinematography. Don't waste your popcorn movie money on it though, just save it for later. Though, it is worth mentioning Gary Oldman rides a pretty epic white horse!


  1. Wow, it's a shame the movie itself isn't so great. It looks pretty at least haha. I love the coord though, it's neat when people theme lolita outfits without them really being cosplay.

  2. Even though I'm hearing a lot of negative reviews, I'd still like to go see this movie. It just looks so gorgeous! The coord you created is perfect for Red Riding Hood with its mori accents.

    Fun fact: Did you know the original Red Riding Hood (its first incarnation at least, one written by Perrault from folktales of European peasants) was actually a morality tail? It warned against the dangers well-bred young women face by sleeping around. Not necessarily related to lolita, but still interesting! I have a whole book called "Red Riding Hood Uncloaked: Sex, Morality, and the Evolution of a Fairy Tale," which is really excellent if you're interested in learning more about the tale!