Tuesday, August 10, 2010

La Vida Life ~ Season of Lolita ~ LVF Style

I recently was looking at a post made by Lolita Charm and I thought I'd share my thoughts on my two favorite seasons return: Fall and Winter. It might be because I'm from the East Coast and I was born in the month of January, but I am a lover of the bitter frost, the magnificent sky dance that resembles sparkles, and the best excuse for me to down a hot chocolate or apple cider repeatedly.

These months represent a lot for me. Both in that it means I've reached another year on this insane planet and that I've also accomplished another milestone in my education. But now, as lolita has become more and more apart of my daily life, I'm really thinking about how I want to represent myself through the fashion seasonally. In the past, I would just flop a piece on regardless of the weather/season, what have you. Now I want to come up with a theme similar to that of Lolita Charm's winter ideas.

I'm joining the ranks of Miss Charm by dawning more of my favorite color combinations of Pink and Black along with Black and White. Maybe it's because I secretly was a goth kid back in my teen years, but I truly love this elegant and fun combo. Brands like Chantily and even Baby have lovely elegant yet sweet touched pieces that work for what I'm planning on.

But since those ideas have already been expressed, I bring about my personal lolita goals. I'm currently on a bit of a weight lose journey of sorts, as I gained back almost 30 of the 40 pounds I lost in my senior year of high school. As a motivational tool, I'm really hoping I can get my arms into a much better shape and my waist line much better, so I can finally wear non-shirred pieces without feeling like I'm trapped in a cave of an uncomfortable status.

Along with those goals, I have coordinating goals to go with that. This fall/winter season, I want to embrace two of my favorite colors. Red and Black more. Not together, but I want to wear them more. I already mentioned my feelings on Black, but what about Red?

Ever since I knew that I was a pale brunette, Red has been my best friend. Red is not exactly a great color on every single person, but for years people have told me I wear it very well, as I am starting to see more and embrace. With that in mind, I plan on going into a red purchasing explosion. My Red Tea Party shoes for start are my absolute favorite shoes, but I don't have enough outfits to wear them with. Now, this up coming season, it will change! Here's an outfit to prove my love:

This is my absolute dream christmas outfit! Ever since I saw this dress last year, I knew I needed it to wear during the holidays. Fortunately, because of it's less then popular sales, Baby has kept it on the website for a decent price. Hopefully though, it will be decreased even more on price as the months continue to pass (Maybe even a lucky pack item perchance?)

Along with a pair of cream tights, I think this outfit would work perfectly for a christmas party or holiday event for sure!

The whole idea is my new adding of sweet victorian and rococo themes to my outfits. Though I do love OTT Sweet, for special events like the annual Christmas Party and time with the family, I'd really like to take a more fancy approach to my garb. Maybe it's my introduction to Dolly-Kei or my complete obsession with my thesis film ("Rococo Time Travel Feminism" Movie anyone?), but a more slight old world charm to my style is what I'm loving right now.

I'd also love to include a slight parisian look to my outfits. This also comes from my thesis research, and my obsession with Jean Cocteu, but anything slightly french style I can add to my outfits, I shall do! Basically, if the outfit resembles Fantastic Dolly in color or scheme, I'm set!

So, what will you be doing for the upcoming fall and winter season in your wardrobe? I'd love to hear! Maybe it'll give me some ideas too!

I'd like to celebrate our new milestone of 80 followers! Thanks everyone for spreading the word about LVF! I'll hopefully be going to more events in the near future, and giving business cards whenever possible. So please continue to frill it up if you can, the love is appreciated. Look out for another movie review along with a new Dress Up Time post.


  1. I love that dress (I have it in the Ivory colour).
    I like your fall/winter ideas, their fun and perfect for the seasons.
    Also I have hot chocolate like everyday at school once the weather gets cold. Haha that's why Starbucks on campus is both the best and worst. ;)

  2. I'm really loving that coord!
    I really hope you get it all to wear for Christmas!

    And, congrats on having 80 followers ^_^

  3. Walking in the city is always a good exercise. You know who to call! :D

  4. I really like the idea of having a theme for fall and winter (they're two of my fave seasons as well), and I shall probably join the ranks of yourself and Miss Victoria Suzanne in expressing my own ideas on personal season themes, in an upcoming post. ^^
    By the way, I love the color combinations you mentioned as well, and red is one of my absolute favorite colors too!

  5. Wow, I love all of your fashion goals! I know you will be looking lovely, and good luck with everything you aspire to achieve tis Fall and Winter! I know you do look absolutely fantastic in red <3

    In thought of my Fall/Winter lolita fashion goals, I just want to expand my gothic and classic wardrobe, and go for more elaborately accessorized and decadent looks. I also want tome more structured aristocratic pieces. I still love OTT sweet and hime, but only in moderation, haha. Along with classic, I want to add a touch of morigirl and dolly kei to my classical outfits, along with wearing mori and dolly style outside of lolita on a more regular basis.