Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dress Up Time #3: Thumbelina (1994 Don Bluth Version)

Thumbelina is one of the more popular non-Disney girls. Created by Don Bluth, she's probably the most iconic image of the fairy tale heroine on film. Sadly, though I adore this film, it's not a very well spoken of movie as apposed to it's successors (oh Disney you!). But all kidding aside, Thumbelina is nothing short of adorable. I love her design which includes her outfit too! Which is why I chose her as this weeks "Dress Up Time" subject.

First off, Thumbelina is everything her name says: She is no bigger then your thumb. A tiny princess with a lack of fairy wings, Thumbelina brings a happy look on life about the world around her, even if she can't really see all of it. With a great gun-ho attitude and interest in finding out more about her surroundings, she's very fun to follow in terms of a plot. Though, because of her innocent, she tends to make some silly decisions. We still love her tho
ugh.But what about dressing the part of Thumbelina? Hoping to catch a fairy prince with a special coordinate? Here is my idea of what to wear.

First off, any sort of blue with white, or white with blue jumperskirt or one piece will do fine. Just remember that it either should just be a piece with short princess sleeves (nothing longer). I went with a classic bold and simple Baby piece that has a nice empire waist style. Even though Thumbelina seems to wear a corset that is mint, I find that it isn't really required. If you like that look though, I found this one from a store called Matalan. If you chose a jumperskirt, go with a nice white short sleeved princess style cutsew or blouse. This one from Baby is precious, but also Anna House makes a blouse that would go great with this.

Next, jewelry and accessories are key in this outfit. Thumbelina wears her beautiful long hair in a tight high styled pony tail. To glam it up, put a nice sax colored headband on. I chose one of Baby's two side bow pieces, adorned with crystals (but not nessecary.) For a nice finishing touch, remember to put in small white flowers into your hair as well. I chose some nice flower clips from a search I did on google, but Forever 21 and Claires has tons of similar pieces. You can even find nice fake flowers at a local craft store to add some originality! Most importantly, don't forget your necklace of flower petals! The Fairy Prince gives these to Thumbelina, so it's important to have this as an accent piece. Forever 21 is where I found this simple piece, but again many of these style necklaces are easy to find in any stylish mall store.

To add the final touch, remember to wear a nice pair of either sax or mint ballet flat shoes! I found these on a ballerina store site, but if you do a search on ebay you can find them eventually. If you'd want bonus points, when it gets cold Thumbelina wears a giant red scarf. It'll keep you comfy as you go on your journey to find the fairies!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Dress Up Time, look out for more posts this week!


  1. Awww the coordinate you did for this movie is so cute!

  2. Thumbelina is one of my childhood favorite movies. You did an awesome job making up a coordinate for her!

  3. One of my absolute favorite movies as a child, heart Don Bluth <3

  4. Cool <3 you did a good job. All hail magical Matalan and other British stores. Wait? Is Matalan british? I know they're in Britain because I use one... Oh well