Monday, July 26, 2010

Print and a Movie #5

With it's parisian style charms, I decided to do another Print and a Movie post this time around! Here to celebrate Angelic Pretty's latest (and one of my favorite) new print, Fantastic Dolly ~ Let's go on with the show:

Print: Fantastic Dolly
Movie: An American In Paris

Though there definitely have been Paris themed prints in the past from every brand out there, this happens to be one of my favorites (Along with Magical Etoile and Baby's Paris Logo Print) Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly is an absolute joy of perfection when it comes to adorable, girly whimsy. The color combination (a unique selection of reds, mints, blacks, creams and pinks) with a touch of cosmetic items makes it a very different piece then recent AP prints. My favorite part though is a light polka dots on the sold colors, that only on the red and black can you really see. These light touches make the print a must have!

But what movie to go with it? Though I have many movies about Paris that I love, I chose An American In Paris to go with this one. Maybe it's because of Gene Kelly's fantastic performance, or the last iconic ballet sequence (A depiction of France's many artistic heros, celebrated in dance.) But this film really speaks to the high levels and dream like feeling I get about the legendary city. All the glitz, romance and fantasy that many American's feel about it come from this movie and can be represented through Gene Kelly's post-war character. Not to mention, Kelly's looks ain't bad to dream about either.

Both of these are true treasures in both Lolita and Film. They will be remember as unique pieces, that can't not be part of someones collection. But if you haven't checked out either, go and have a ball with them! Enjoy all the magical they poses, just like Paris itself.

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