Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Iconic Love Letter: Broadway Musicals

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is go with a loved one to see a Broadway Musical in Times Square. When I was little it was the closest I could get to feeling like going to Disney World every few months. My mom would always have us plan a day in the city around the show and is probably one of the reasons why I feel so confident holding meet ups - I learned my planning and use of the few hours before the show in style through going to shows with my mom. The best time to go see a show though? In the Summer! It's air conditioned, lots of amazing entertainment to be seen and when you come outside the night makes everything even cooler and very atmospheric! Those that is why todays Iconic Love Letter goes out to Broadway Musicals!

Broadway Musicals are something special that no other real art form has truly captured the exact same magic for me. But since there are so many amazing shows its hard to talk about them all as one general thing and best to speak of the ways that can connect to you personally. So we are gonna try and go with a different spin on Iconic Love Letter and I'll break down my few favorite musicals that you frilly ladies and gents might find the most interesting to yourself! Check out the list and see which one sparks your fancy.

Though this isn't my most favorite musical of the bunch, this one holds a special place in my heart for being the thing that made me realize my fascination with the 18th century and my somewhat obsessive attraction to long haired men in frill outfits. Percy is one of those great characters that definitely makes you feel pride and want to go on adventures with him and The Scarlet Pimpernel does just that - make you feel confident listening to it. My favorite song is "Into The Fire" a great boosting chant where Percy leads his rebel group into danger. This musical isn't perfect but it's definitely one to add to your look out for list.

Definitely one of the favorites, Les Miserables is a timeless piece of art that is so incredible its hard to really put to words the justify it's amazing appeal. I wrote about the 25th Anniversary Concert here but seeing the show live is truly the best experience of any of the ways to see this show. The best songs in my opinion are "Stars" "On My Own" and "Master of House" though nothing can really top the most epic piece of music ever "One Day More" which really is the perfect example of conflict building within a very short time frame. There is finally a live action film in the works and I am extremely excited for it!

I think I've said it hear enough that I love the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast more then a lot of other people in the world. It's timeless, romantic as hell and very layered. Every recreation of it is great for its own reasons but I think the Disney musical is my favorite because it adds even more layers to the Beast's inner conflicts. The song "If I Can't Love Her" is beyond epic and makes me cry or at least get emotional every time I hear it. I'm convinced its one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever! I was lucky enough to see the show 6 times in my life and each time was something special. I've also seen a lot of really great people in the show including Donny Osmond as Gaston (yes, it was that hilarious!) Overall this one needs to come back to Broadway in an even more epic revival.

In my top 3 musicals of all time for sure. I would say this is my favorite but it switches around a lot for other shows - but why you wonder? First off for those who have never seen the show here's the plot. The story is that of a transgender window dresser is in jail for corrupting a minor but lives out his days fantasizing about his idol Aurora, an actress from the golden age of cinema. But one of her films stands as a note of fear for Molina: The Spider Woman, who kills with her kiss. Suddenly he is met with another prisoner named Valentin who now is his cellmate. The story begins to twist and turn as the two learn about each other in the hardest of times. For me this show has some of the weirdest music ever but stands as a work of art with its tribute to the 40's and yet it's political statement on Latin America. It's based on a novel and there is a non-musical film as well. Maybe it's because my cousin played Aurora in a production of it or that I just have weird taste but I really love this show.


Overall there are so many great musicals and I haven't even spoken about a mere fraction of what there is available to hear and see. So what's your favorite musical? Do like all the newer shows like Wicked and Hair Spray? Do you like Phantom or Cats? Or do you love the old school shows like Oklahoma and The King and I? Write down below what you like or what you'd like to see in terms of theater!


  1. I love Musicals! I saw Phantom of the Opera for the Frist time when I was in kindergarten. I usually love costumed productions best, but lately it's been all about Spring Awakening, and In the Heights.

  2. The only Broadway show I ever saw was Shrek. It was really fun, though. I want to see Adams Family sometime!

  3. I got to see Billy Elliot, In The Heights, and FELA! with my high school Drama class two years ago on Broadway- it was such an awesome trip. I wasn't a fan of In The Heights, probably because hip-hop isn't my thing and it was starring Corbin Bleu (which sent the fangirls in the house nuts).

    On tour, I've seen Avenue Q (twice), Wicked, and my mother saw RENT without me :( That show is my baby.

    I do feel that The Phantom of the Opera (LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK) would be the epitome of a gothic lolita story. It's romantic and dark <3 I want to see it so badly :(

  4. I love Les Miserables!! I adore a story with a compelling, evil, layered villain! <3

    I really wanted to see Beauty and the Beast, but I never did. I really want to see The Lion King before it's gone! Maybe a certain frilly girl will go with me to see the Lion King, hmmmm? ;D