Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Otakon: The Frillz-Con

My 7th Otakon just passed. It was glorious to say the least. The best thing is this years Otakon had an incredible amount of frills to share and to be celebrated. With guests such as goth/punk lolita designer H.naoto and model/musician kanon, along with tons of events (two fashion shows, a swap meet and a panel on natural j-fashion) it was definitely the frilliest of cons to happen this year.

Though many of us from the East Coast have been jealous of the West Coast and French girls for getting so many fabulous events, we finally got a bit more of a taste of the con culture cattering to our interests. The best I could say came from Kinokuniya Bookstore's brand booth, sponsored by my favorite magazine Kera. Featuring my two favorite brands, Angelic Pretty and Baby, along with punk brands Sex Pot Revenge and Black Peace Now, this was the place to shop at. Sadly, the prices were extremely jacked up, but I did manage to make one purchase. I got myself one of AP's glitter bow hair barettes that went with Jelly Jewelry oh so perfectly.

The other booth that was amazing was none other then h.naoto's own spot. Selling from very trimmed down to regularly priced items, I made my first official h.naoto purchase and fell in love with his designs. The purchase was a heart shaped purse, decorated in lace and Alice in Wonderland elements. I found out some interesting information, h.Naoto is trying to bring more awareness to a Western market and is trimming his prices to make a better profit. Though not my favorite brand, I'm glad to know naoto is taking a notice to our wallet size and interest in purchasing the real deal rather then knock-offs because of the price. My purse, which would usually cost $70 - $100, only cost a nice $40 with taxes. So yes girls, there is hope for reasonably priced brand soon!

Both Fashion Shows were fantastic as well. I helped with the Ultimate Fashion Show this year, and other then a annoying techniqual difficulty on part with the technology (which will be fixed for next year.), it went great. The designs themselves were great. My personal favorite was The Moby Dick Print by Morrigan NYC along with all the work by Perinth and I Do Declare!

h.Naoto's show was a great mixture of his more sophisticated punk pieces with some lolita elements. One piece I truly am craving is an almost jsk piece with a black laced hoodie attached. Naoto then went to discuss his design theories, and his wished adventures to the infamous Hooters, which brought in a big laugh. But truly, it was the best Lolita fashion show I had ever been to in my Lolita life. Though Fashion Festa was amazing to see Angelic Pretty, this was an experience that has yet to be matched.

Then came the Swap Meet. Though I unfortunately attended too late this year, I was able to snag a great deal on a piece I had wanted, for only $60 and a two item swap. It's a red plaid jumperskirt piece from Baby, with an amazing amount of shirring and a bustle to die for (my two favorite things in lolita.)

The best though came from the Artist Alley. Infamous and adorable jewelry designer Minty Mix was one of the stars, selling what I happen to think is her best products ever. From candy hair clips, to cupcake and parfait necklace you'd hope were edible, these items are the cutest to have ever been seen. Other great artists on hand included Lolita's n Cream and Oh So Melissa.

Truly, all of the frills was a sight and a joy to say. I've already booked my room for Otakon 2011, in hopes that it will be another great year of friends, frills and smiles all weekend long. The next big event for La Vida Frills is New York Comic Con/Anime Fest, where I might be doing some special things (keep you posted.)
If you'd like to see the other photos from this year, you can check out my Flickr set here. There also will be a vlog video post soon (One my laptop is fixed so I can go ahead and edit the footage.)
Also, I think it's about time for a new movie review. Don't you? Here's a clip from the next post coming up.

(Photo of I Do Declare from Best Photography)

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