Monday, February 22, 2010

Thrill of the Frills: A Weekend of Epic

Though today is usually the day for the monday movie review (and don't worry, it's coming!), I thought I'd share with you all what might be the most epic Lolita weekend to happen in the history of New York. Though when Baby came for New York Anime Fest was a milestone, this drama free time was absolutely amazing. Getting to experience events with brands and idols that one might in Japan or in Europe was a taste I am currently craving more of. I know how hard it is to bring brands over to the East Coast, but I really wish it could happen more.

Even if lolita fashion is underground in New York and the USA, this weekend made it feel like an up and coming star. It seemed like the world of New York finally seemed to except my strange little hobby, even if it was only for a weekend or less.

The highlight though was getting to meet Misako Aoki. She is, in a word, perfection when it comes to lolita for me. Though I am in love with all things Angelic Pretty (and slightly tacky...), Misako embraces the lolita spirit with grace, class, and a douce of kawaii, that I've yet to have seen otherwise. She seems to truly take in this culture and make it shine more then prior. I truly understand why she was chosen as the ambassador of kawaii, she is it in it's purest form.

But I can't explain how magical it was to be with all of the New York Lolitas, outside of a convention, and taking over the city (and causing some epic traffic problems as well --- apologies to the taxi drivers) It basically gave me goose bumps and a shiver of excitement. Hopefully more events will happen like this in the future, and the spreading of Lolita culture in New York can continue.

So in celebration, here is a collection of links to pictures (taken by the lovely Petrina) and videos (one by Victoria of Lolita Charm, and one by yours truly).

Not related to this post, but I wanted to mention that La Vida Frills has a tumblr (and new icon to match) which you can check out here. Keep looking at it for cute updates to brighten up your day !!
Also look out for another epic lolita movie review by the end of the day.

Picture by Petrina/littlest asian

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  1. I'm so sorry I had to miss this - I was up in CT the whole weekend. But I'm so happy you had such a nice time. I am looking forward to seeing you for the Alice meet <3