Thursday, January 28, 2010

Next Months Review Theme: Romantic Horror

It seems by a majority vote that Romantic Horror is the winner of February's movie review theme! I personally was hoping this one would win, due to it being valentines day (but I definitely didn't want to celebrate it in the traditional sense). Here's a list of the upcoming reviews ~~ enjoy:
~ Phantom of the Opera MEGA REVIEW (my top 5 favorite versions)
~ The Portrait of Dorian Gray (1945)
~ Mary Reilly (1996)
~ Wait, these are horror movies? review including Rebecca + Wuthering Heights

I hope you are all excited, my favorite ruffly readers !!

I'd also like give a shout out to all the new followers! We have reached from what was 2 to now 17. Yes, it's small, but I truly appreciate it. But the goal? By the beginning of my next review on Monday to have 25 followers! so tell your friends about La Vida Frills and let's get this party started (as they say) ~~
Look out for some new non-review posts and I hope to hear more from you all in terms of feedback. Do you like the reviews? Want more non-reviews? Tell me.

Thanks and look out for a new post on Sunday and of course a review on Monday ~~~
(also, the majority of the photos i use are credited to and flickr)


  1. Yay! I'm excited for this coming months theme, because romance horror is the ONLY type of horror I enjoy, and do I enjoy it. 8D

    All else is uninteresting (I hate suspense horror so much! And all that unnecessary and ugly gory stuff, blech Dx)

    So anyway, I'm looking forward!

  2. A Dorian Gray movie? It's my favorite book! I can't wait for your review.

    I personally like the reviews a lot: it's neat learning about movies I probably never would have heard of otherwise, and from someone whose taste I trust. ^_^ Other stuff is also cool, but I'd say definitely keep the reviews.

  3. Dix --- Glad to know you are looking forward to reading, cause trust me I'm definitely looking forward to writing.

    Christina --- Thank you so much for the lovely compliments ~~! Dorian Gray is one of my favorites too --- so I'm definitely will be having to repress my inner fan girl when writing it