Saturday, January 2, 2010

It's a New Year Of New Frills

Captain's log --- Second day of 2010. Now that a new year along with a decade has gone away, I personally think it's a great time to make a list of your frilliest goals. Now rather then your actual shopping goals (Yes, I'm talking to you miss "I want the sugar unicorn cake crack print" !), but more goals of things you'd like for you to happen in or for yourself as a lolita. Here's a list of my goals and I hope they can help you too !
  • I want to experiment in other styles outside of my usual sweet tendencies. Mostly classic and pirate (ARRRR!!)
  • I'd like to take control of my room more and make it the palace I've always dreamed of.
  • I would like to collect more cheaper pieces (Yes, that means you Bodyline) so that I can wear lolita on a more daily basis.
  • I need to go rent out the camera from school and film more of my documentary, before I have to go into more hardcore classes.
  • I want to make this blog as lovely and known to people all around, as possible.
  • The vlog needs some more love, so I hope to post a video once a week there.
  • I want to attempt to make as many new frilly friends as possible before the summer. Though I love my NYC girls, I would love to make a whole bunch of new friends outside of my home state.
  • I want to lose more weight (haha, original right?) so that I may fit into a bigger variety of pieces.
  • I need to be properly taught some new make up tutorials, along with how to actually use things like concealer, without looking like a Star Wars extra.
  • Finally, I want make lolita more a part of my life then ever before !!
Now on to another important thing --- I have some new things coming up for the blog, which you all should be looking out for. First of, I'll be going to one of my first completely out of Tri-State meet ups. I'll be meeting the majority of the CT Lolita's for the first time, including Victoria of Lolita Charm and Aly of Miss Lumpy. Now I have met these two ladies on other occasions, it'll be the first time I'll see them in their natural CT habitats, it's very exciting. Expect a video and blog posts on the event (we will be see The Princess and the Frog, second time for me but still all the more fun).

(To the above, sadly this was cancelled so no post about that. If you'd like to see the coordinate for that you can check it out here and here)

Next up, I'll be making a weekly themed post, in which I'll be doing what I most love.... talking about movies! It will basically become a review of the best lolita friendly movies to see, some you might not have even heard of. I'll be posting the first review on Monday and every Monday from now on. Also, every month the movies will have a theme... so what is this months theme? 80's Fantasy Films. The first will be Cannon Film's B-Movie classic "The Frog Prince" starring the original Annie herself, Aileen Quinn (and a very young Helen Hunt as her evil step sister). I hope you look forward to the reviews and also check out the poll, in which you can help pick next months theme!

To end, La Vida Frills will be having a monthly contest... details on that later.

I hope that 2010 is a productive year for all you poofy people out there and that you continue to see La Vida Frills progress.

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  1. I just watched Canon's "The Frog Prince" about a week ago actually! Brought back some great memories <3