Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Start

So you've probably noticed this blog is very empty. To put best this beast of a thing needed a lot of love, and with that I bring you some deleted posts, and hopefully a new beginning.

You are probably wondering, what is the point of this blog at this point? It's to tell you about me as a lolita. Everything that has to do with me in this little frilly butt fashion that I call "my favorite hobby". I don't want to use the word "obsession", but for the moment it'll stand. I can't really qualify it as an obsession, only because I have other things I love a lot like lolita, but nothing is like lolita, at the same time.

The main focus of this blog at the moment is my documentary, "Freedom of Fashion", which will be a "Trekkies" styled film on Lolita's in America. I hope that once my crew is created and the budget is in line, we will spend the summer filming at different conventions (primarily Otakon, of course)

We also will have interviews with big lolita celebrities. I really hope to get interviews with my fellow bloggers, and also I definitely have scored an interview with Tokyo Rebel (New York's first lolita brand clothing store) and hopefully we will be getting more !

At the moment, the mini test run doc "Frilly in the City" is only available on Facebook, but once it's on Youtube, I'll put it up here for sure.

So what's new in terms of social life? Well last night as our new annual Christmas party and it was lovely. I rocked a black x pink sweetness coordinate, and I was very very happy with it.
Next up on my social list is enjoying time with my friends for their birthdays and also getting to know the CT Lolita's more, since they are absolutely fabulous ~~~

Look for some more updates ~
Fill out the poll while your at it, and hope you are excited for updates ~!!

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